Monday, October 12, 2015

Robot Guy and 2 Sci-Fi Buildings

 A Kryptonian Rebel Heroclix chopped off the base and with a headswap gives us the alien robot menace "Orchid 17." He's basically a not-Braniac/not-Ultron type...

 A cardboard gift canister with a rice bowl for the roof and a little plastic thing from something plus a Trash Bash Bits door from the Kickstarter turned out like a pretty good sci-fi building.

 This low sci-fi building (also witha Trash Bash Bits door from the Kickstarter) is from a weird little bowl from the Dollar Tree that I thought- hey if that was upside down with a door and something on the 'roof' it would look kinda alien or futurey!

 A short update from last time to show off the trapdoor on the roof of the low tech popcorn tub tower.