Monday, July 30, 2012

1st Zombiesmith Grey Alien Painted!

I love these little guys and I finally got one painted (only several more to go). Instead of going with the normal black asphalt base I decided to give him a more alien "blue asphalt' base. I like how it turned out too...

Emneric Warband (Not-Adeptus Mechanicus) Construction Begins

I've been planning several not-GW 28mm Inquisitor style Warbands for quite some time. The other day I took a big step towards making one of them a reality. I've been fascinated with the idea of a cybernetic/robotic army since the original Terminator movie, but in miniatures it was probably the Cybertronic Corporation from Warzone that got me thinking it could be a reality.I've always been a fan of the original 40K fluff and so thought about using some Cybertronic minis as stand-ins for some of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The collecting of those figs went well, but I only painted up a few here and there, not much of a theme developed before I sold most of the Cybertronic minis off in favor of the (at the time) new cyborg/robot army- the Syntha from Void. Not only were there some cool robot troopers but they were also sculpted by Kev White, one of my favorite sculptors.

To shorten the story, it's not like I don't have tons of other projects in various stages going right now, I just really wanted to start putting these minis for my not-A.M. warband together so I'll have a better idea what I want/need and how everything will fit together. I decided to go with hex bases for them because it seems more industrial. The figures put together and based & primed now are a mix of Warmachine, Chainmail, Scibor, Micro Art Studio, and more. The centrepiece of this batch is actually from GW- an old Confrontation (pre-Necromunda) Tech Ganger...

 This guy has been waiting for a looong time for some arms. I got him in a batch of several otehr Confrontation Tech Gangers in the late 90s on eBay. Most of the rest of those figs are long gone but this was one of my favorite poses. His arms are from the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers. the right arm had it's weapon removed and replaced with a Syntha heavy weapon (I love that design!). His left arm was modified so he was pointing forward instead of off to the left- I also added a little control pad to the wrist area. This guy is going to be a big hero of the Emneric Warband...

 Anotehr interesting mini from this first batch is a Servitor converted from several plastic bits. He's got a Wargames Factory Zulu body with a Void plastic Junkers helmet, his left arm is a cleaned up old plastic Eldar arm, his right arm is some twisted wires to from the tech-tentacles, and he's got various other bits to help make him look more the part.

More will definitely be on the way but first soem painting of these needs to be done...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sewta 2010 Conversion Finally Completed!!!

Sewta Update Part 1
Sewta Update Part 2
For those who missed these original posts back in 2010 (couldn't have been that long ago) check them out for the background and come back here. We'll wait...

Finally, after some paint here and there and much hand-wringing about the length of time to get a simple conversion painted, she is painted. I've been looking at her on the painting table for months now giving me a disapproving look. I finally had to urn her around so she couldn't see me. But now she's done and looks good and is ready for whatever sci-fi skirmishing is available.

First the comparison of original and the update-

Where the updates left off there was no mention of the scope or her control pad on the left glove.

The scope was a simple length of thick plastic wire that I came across and started adding to several of the old Void minis' rifles as targeters or scopes.

I wanted to jazz up her gloves and I found an old plastic bit from GW with a row of buttons. I gently sliced the buttons off in a strip and simply glued it to her glove. I love the look of the Infinity miniatures that have the clear VR screen bits, that's the sort of controller these buttons are meant to be.

SO now that this one's done I need to the Ananka conversion update. Hopefully that one won't take 2 years!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Scifimpediments!

5 more of them from various alien cultures...

Various 28mm figures for comparison. I Just realized they'd make an interesting group of characters for a scifi RPG setting.


There are more to come, eventually. The gaming table one is in the early planning stages right now...